Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Nikon AI/AF Lens

Canon lens adapters make it possible to use lots of different types of lenses with your Canon camera. Most Canon cameras use the EOS lens mount, and these adapters suit the majority of digital SLR cameras produced by Canon. If you have Nikon AI/AF mount lenses, then you can mount these by buying the right adapters.

These adapters are very easy to use, and it's simply a matter of screwing the lens into the adapter and then fitting it into the mount. The lens can then be used as if it was designed for the camera.

Mounting the Lens

Using these lens adapters is very simple. Simply screw the lens into the adapter and it will lock into place. Then the adapter and lens can be mounted onto the camera, as with any other lens.

Removing the Lens

When you screw the Nikon lens into the adapter, it will be locked by a small switch at the back. Press the switch on the back of the adapter to unlock the lens and then twist it to remove it.


These lens adaptors are very reliable and high quality. They do not have any reflective surfaces on the inside, which means that no reflections affect the quality of the image. The adapter also doesn't include any glass and so does not affect the quality of the images.