Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Leica R Lens

If you have just purchased a new camera and want to use your old lenses, then Canon lens adapters can be used. This is a special type of adapter which screws into the typical EOS lens mount on a Canon SLR or Digital SLR camera. If you have any Leica R lenses lying around, then you can make use of these on your modern Canon SLR camera using this adapter.

These adapters not only make it possible to save money, but also add extra features to your camera. Many modern cameras do not have some of the advanced manual features that other cameras used to have.

Choosing Lenses

The Leica R Lens Canon adaptor allows you to use almost any Leica R lens on your Canon camera. Not all lenses are supported, however, as the adapters cannot use lenses which use mirror lock up features. You must also carefully check that the mirror has enough clearance to move without being damaged before actually using the lens.

Using the Adapter

Using these adapters is very easy. The standard Leica R lens is screwed into the adapter, where it will click and be locked. This then converts the lens to a standard EOS mount without any electrical contacts.

To remove the lens, simply unscrew it from your camera. If you want to take the adapter off, then press the release lever on the back of the adapter.