Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Leica M Visoflex Lens

Using Canon lens adapters will make it possible to use some of the old lenses that you already have rather than always needing to replace them with new ones. Lenses can be very expensive, and that's why these adapters are becoming very popular. They can also be used to combine lenses off old cameras to add extra features which are missing from newer models.

Modern Canon SLR cameras use the EOS mount. There are adapters available for a wide range of different lenses, including the Leica M Visoflex lens.

High Quality

Although these adapters are not made by Leica themselves, they are of similar quality. They will last for a very long time, and make it possible to use the Leica M Visoflex lenses on your modern dSLR camera.


These adapters are very easy to use and are used in the same configuration as the original camera. This means that you can simply use the adapter to connect the lens to your camera.


These lens adapters are fairly simple, and this means that they don't contain any glass. Because of this, there's no problem keeping them clean. The adapters will not degrade the quality of the images and are painted black to reduce any reflections.

You will be able to get a number of extra features when using these adapters, including a 1/250th flash synchronization function, 4 FPS drive and flash metering if your camera supports it.