Canon FL/FD SLR Adapters: Nikon Aperture Control Lenses

When you are utilizing a Canon FL, and need to control the aperture with the lens, obtaining a Nikon aperture control lens will help you enormously.

What the Aperture Control Lens Does

When you work with the camera, you will notice the meter readings of the subject's brightness are continuously being adjusted by the lens aperture in order to maintain the correct exposure. By using one of the Canon FL adapters, you will be able to use the Nikon aperture control lens. It functions automatically on all the different shutter speeds of your camera and synchronizes with just about all of the lenses that offer the AI capability.

How to Use the Aperture Control Lens Manually

Being able to use this lens manually will make for a more flexible use for the lens. Once you change the settings to manual, the camera's intervalometer and the motor drive allows fully manual operations that will allow you to get the exact shot you are looking for.

The Nikon aperture control lenses are slightly high in price, and fit all Nikon and Canon cameras.