Camera Parts: Self Timer

When taking pictures, a lot of the time people like to be included in them, and one of the most convenient features to help with this is the self-timer. Most digital cameras have a self-timer. Where your standard shutter release operates immediately upon depression, the self-timer will help you be part of the picture.

Using the Self Timer

It's important to make sure the camera is steady. Most of the time, the best way to do this is to mount it on a tripod. Then, line up your shot. At this point, it's valuable to make sure everybody knows where you, the camera operator, will join the group. Next, you'll set the timer. Most digital cameras have a delay of anywhere from 2 -10 seconds, but some go to 15-seconds.

When you're ready, depress the shutter button. Most digital cameras will allow you to push it down half-way to set your focus, then, when you push it down the rest of the way, it will start the timer. (When you do this, be careful not to jiggle the camera, which will change your framing.) Based on how long your timer is, return to your group, pose, and wait for the timer to trigger the shutter.