Camera Parts: Film Spool

On a film camera, the camera parts film spool is not actually attached to the camera. The film spool sits inside the film cassette, the metal casing containing a roll of film. A metal or plastic rod from the rewind knob inserts through the bottom and attaches to the spool.

Problems with Film Spools

Since film spools are usually new, coming attached to a roll of film, they rarely have problems. More commonly, the rod from the rewind knob will break, making it impossible to rewind film back into its cassette. If the problem is actually with the spool, contact the manufacturer.

Other Film Spools

Different formats of film use spools specifically designed for that type of film. For example, many movie cameras use 35mm film, same as on a typical camera. However, the film is spooled onto a huge roll, not just a 36 exposure roll. There are also film formats larger than 35mm, referred to as medium or large format. These have different spools, or no spools at all, and may also have unique loading and handling procedures.