Camera Parts: Battery Cover

All modern cameras, both SLRs and point-and-shoots, have a battery cover amongst their camera parts. This is a panel, made of plastic or metal, that encloses the battery for the camera. It is common for them to be built like a trap door, swinging open to allow access to the battery. It is also common for the battery cover to enclose the memory card, especially for digital point-and-shoot cameras.


The main function of a battery cover is protection. Covering the battery protects it from moisture, which can cause a short. It also reduces the amount of dirt on the battery terminals, ensuring a good connection.

Unlike battery covers for other electronic devices, camera battery covers are usually physically attached to the camera body in some way. This is so they do not get lost.


The only problem with battery covers is that they can break. The part of the cover which latches onto the body can break or wear out, resulting in a cover that will not stay closed. Some photographers wrap rubber bands around their camera bodies to hold down broken battery covers.  Also, the cover can snap off. These can be repaired if spare parts are available. Unfortunately, especially for older, less popular models, spare parts may be hard to find.