Camera Mode: Timer

Your digital camera has different camera modes designed for special situations. Self timer mode is one of them. Almost everyone has experienced being a group photograph where the photographer sets up the timer, hits the shutter, runs into the group, quickly poses, and then the picture is shot. While this mode is great for including the photographer in the group, it also has other practical functions as well.

Different Uses of the Timer

Let's say that you're using a very long telephoto lens to capture a close up shot over a long distance. Even though the camera is on a tripod, the image still looks blurry when you take the photo. That's because the act of you pushing the button is causing a slight shake that ruins your image. You can compensate for this by using the timer to take the picture, removing the shakiness and resulting in a  sharp picture.

Most camera timers are set to engage in ten seconds and can not be altered. Some cameras allow a two second delay. It is very rare to find a camera where you can program a specific time. Most cameras with either display a blinking light or emit a beeping noise that becomes more frequent as the camera counts down to the shot. 

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