Camera Mode: Macro Mode

Every digital camera has camera modes which are special settings used for specialty photography. Macro mode, often represented by a flower, is used for extreme close up photography. What Macro mode does is it allows you to get extremely close to an object (within centimeters) and still be able to focus.

Understanding Macro Photography

Because Macro photography involves close ups of small objects, you may experience some difficulty focusing on your subject. While this is fine when getting a shot of in inanimate object, you're not going to be getting a close up of an insect flying around.

Since the focus is so small and precise, you may also experience difficulty in getting your entire subject looking sharp thanks to the tiny depth of field. Most cameras have auto focus and will not allow you to manually alter the focus. To create a larger depth of field, you will need to adjust the aperture and shutter speeds to increase or decrease the depth of field.

When shooting macro photography, you should always use a tripod. The first reason is because you are shooting such a tight close up, the slightest movement will alter your frame. The other reason is that when using slow shutter speed, your image will become blurry if the camera moves during exposure.

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