Camera Mode: Landscape Mode

Landscape is a camera mode typically symbolized by a mountain symbol. The landscape mode works by automatically setting the camera's focus at infinity. This insures that you can take extremely wide shots of distant, breath taking vistas with every object in your frame looking sharp. Landscape mode is suitable for shooting wide shots of nature as well as cityscapes. 

Understanding Landscape Mode

Because landscape mode sets the focus at infinity, it should only be used for extremely wide shots. In a tight shot, landscape mode will keep every object in the frame sharp, and as a result, depth of field is sacrificed.

Some digital cameras landscape modes automatically keep the aperture closed in order to achieve depth of field over the long distance. To compensate for this, the shutter speed becomes slower to allow more light to expose the image. Because of this, you should always use a tripod when shooting landscapes instead of going hand held. The slower shutter may cause images to become blurry unless the camera is absolutely still.

Landscape mode can also be useful when shooting a shoot through glass or a chain link fence. In autofocus, the camera will go back and forth between the subject and the object you are shooting through, resulting in one of them being blurry. The infinity focus eliminates this problem by making sure everything in the frame is sharp. 

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