Camera Lens Parts: Spring

Camera lenses are complex instruments composed of many parts; a spring is one of the lesser known ones. Everyone knows about the aperture, focusing rings and the glass in the lens itself. But, no one really pays much attention to the intricate system gears, screws and springs that hold everything together. 

How a Shutter Works

The majority of SLR camera employ a focal plane shutter. It's a simple mechanism that works with two doors between the lens and the photographic medium. Before you take a picture, the first door is closed so that the film or image sensor is not exposed to light. When you hit the shutter release button, this door opens and after a set amount of time, the second door closes thus stopping the exposure.

How a Spring Works with the Shutter

The components that go into controlling the shutter are about as complex as a watch. When the shutter release is hit, a lever goes into motion which triggers several gears to begin the process. Now the shutter speed setting determines how tight or loose the springs are that help control the process. The tighter the spring, the quicker the shutter speed. 

Broken Springs

Sometimes a lens might appear to have a broken shutter. Rather than buying a new lens, you could just have it repaired as a broken spring is often the culprit.