Camera Lens Parts: Rear Mount Assembly

There are a lot of camera lens parts that go into the complex optical devices that attach to photographic devices. After all, the lens is responsible for focusing, zooming and the aperture. One of the key pieces that goes into constructing lenses is the rear mount assembly.

What It Does

The rear mount is a crucial part of a lenses construction. It is responsible for attaching the aperture to the rest of the lens. It is made up of several rings and washers that go over the aperture. The rear mount connects to the lens with three or four screws that are evenly spaced apart. If you were going to take apart your camera lens, then the rear mount is where you would start deconstruction. 

Lens Rental Inspections

When you rent a lens from a rental house, you should always inspect it before you sign the agreement and walk out. Always look to make sure that the rear mount is present. The rear mount is crucial to the stability of the lens, and using a lens where one is missing can cause damage. This is damage that you as the renter would be responsible for paying. Always check out the gear before you walk out with it.