Camera Lens Parts: Rear Fix Ring

There are many camera lens parts that go into creating the highly precise optical devices that create superb pictures. Some parts are extremely expensive pieces of crafted glass, and other parts are simply just cheaply created metal items to perform a specific function. While some parts of a lens might cost more to manufacture than the others, each piece has a specific function. Take the rear fix ring for example.

What Is the Rear Fix Ring?

People are generally familiar with the glass in lenses, the aperture and the auto focus mirror, but not many people have ever heard of the rear fix ring. The rear fix ring is part of the rear mount. A rear mount is responsible for connecting the aperture to the lens, and it also is the interface that connects the lens to the camera body. 

The rear mount attaches to the lens through a series of screws. The rear fix ring has four equally spaced holes in it for the screws to pass through. The rear fix ring is the connection for that to happen. If you are experiencing problems with a lens attaching to the camera, then you should check out this part and see if it needs to be replaced. They generally cost less than $30, which is a lot less than buying a new lens.