Camera Lens Parts: G Lens Mount

A G lens mount refers to the mechanical and electrical interface where a G lens can be attached to a camera body. Because G lenses are manufactured by Sony, the G lens mount is found only on Sony camera bodies.

What Are G Lenses?

Sony's cameras use Carl Zeiss lenses, which are well known worldwide for their quality. Sony has combined those lenses with their own design to create high quality lenses. The name G lens is derived from the 3 G's that Sony states as their principals for a high quality lens. They must be graceful in their sharpness, they must be able to gather a great range of brightness, and they must provide gratification to the photographer with their great images. 

G Lens Mount

G lenses can only be attached to camera body's that have a g lens mount. This is exclusively for Sony cameras. Most camera manufacturers also make lenses, and the people at Sony want you to buy and use their lenses instead Nikon's. So, they build the lenses and camera body lens mounts specifically for their own design so that they are not compatible with their competitors. This helps them keep their customers while paying special attention to the quality of their products.