Camera Lens Parts: Electrical Connector Strip

The electrical connector strip acts as the gateway between the lens and the camera body on a digital SLR camera. Both the lens and the lens mount have electrical connectors that need to be properly aligned when the lens is placed on the camera. Through this connection power and commands from the camera body control the auto focus and the image stabilizer. 


When a lens is removed from the camera it should have the lens caps replaced on it immediately. If the lens caps are not available right away you want to take every precaution possible to avoid scratching the electrical connectors and the lens surface. 

Mounting a Lens

A lens can only be mounted in one position so that the connectors line up properly to each other. A white line on the lens must be aligned with a white line on the camera when the lens is inserted. Turn the lens to the right when it is placed in the camera in order to securely lock it in. 


The connector strip makes it possible for the camera to prevent shakiness in images to a certain extent with the image stabilizer. Your auto focus feature also works with a signal being sent from the camera to the lens via the connector strip. If you turn auto focus off then the camera body will no longer have the power to change the focus. The only way to focus in manual mode is to adjust the ring to sharpness.