Camera Lens Parts: Aperture

Among the different camera parts, aperture is an opening in the lens which can be adjusted, unless you have a point-and-shoot camera with a fixed aperture. Aperture is in the form of diaphragm that opens inside the camera lens. The main function of the aperture is to regulate the amount of light falling on to the film or image sensor.

When a camera takes a photo the lens is gathering light and this is determined by the size of the diameter of the aperture. This aperture size is expressed in terms of "f-stop". The "f" is followed by a numerical value, for example f22 or f/1.8. The smaller the numerical value, the bigger is the opening of the aperture, and hence more light falls on the film or image sensor.

Your camera will state the aperture range it is capable of. Remember smaller the f-stop, more light your camera is able to capture and so you will be able to take better pictures in lower light conditions. A larger aperture is also useful when you want to capture moving objects with a high shutter speed. The aperture setting is usually in relation with the shutter speed as that is another factor which affects the amount of light entering your lens.