Camera Lens Parts: Aperture Ring

The Aperture Ring among the camera lens parts lets you adjust the size of the aperture. You will see different settings marked on the ring and they are termed as "f-stops." This ring is absent in many automatic models and they have separate controls in the body of the camera to control such settings.

The Aperture Ring is usually the first ring on the body of your lens and it is convenient to have one as you can relate the settings with the other rings on your lens easily. The rotating Aperture Ring is built in such a way that it is mechanically linked to the aperture diaphragm so as to control its size.

The Aperture Ring displays the settings ranging from the lowest numerical value to the highest. When you set your Aperture Ring to the lowest value, the aperture of your camera is fully open. When you want to decrease the size of aperture, you move the ring to higher values. The last value on the ring indicates the smallest aperture possible on your camera.

By adjusting the Aperture Ring you are able to control the level of light that is being exposed to your film or image sensor. Hence the different settings provide you ways of taking photos in varying light conditions.