Aspects of Camera Lenses: Anterior Pole

Camera lenses are complex pieces of machinery that employ the science of optics to project an image. In the case of photography, they project an image onto a photographic medium like film or an image sensor. But, the same principals of optics are employed with telescopes and microscopes as well.

What is the Anterior Pole?

Anterior pole is actually a medical term that can be used to describe the aspects of your photographic lenses. Anterior surface refers to a surface that is facing outwards. The pole refers to the center of the surface. In biology, the term anterior pole specifically refers to the center of the cornea of the eye. The light from images that you see passes through here to the retina, where it is then sent to the brain where it's translated into sight.

Anterior Pole and Your Lenses

The lens on your camera is similar to your eyes. Camera lenses are composed of a few lenses which makes it a compound lens. The outer most piece of glass in the lens that is most susceptible to scratches and other damages is the anterior surface. The very center of that piece of glass is the anterior pole. This part of the lenses is farthest away from the photographic medium.