5 EXIF Data Programs

EXIF data programs are there to help photographers determine the specifics of each picture that they take. EXIF data is especially popular with professional photographers that are just starting out, as it helps them to be able to get all of the information that is needed so that they can learn the right shutter speed and aperture. (Before they had to go through and manually take notes for each and every picture that they took.) With the different EXIF data programs out there, you will not only benefit from having EXIF data on your camera, but also benefit from additional features that regular EXIF data just can't offer you.

1. ExifCleaner

While EXIF data is something that can be very useful, it is something that is not always needed for every picture that you take. It may sometimes be important to actually hide the information that shows up on EXIF data. That's what Exifcleaner does. It will allow you to pick and choose which pictures need to have this information on it and which ones do not. You will even be able to completely take this off of an entire batch of pictures.

2. EasyExif

EasyExif is a program that will allow you to have the opportunity to be able to take the EXIF data information that shows up on the pictures and transport it into a different file. This way you will be able to have the information separate from the picture if you choose to have it so. These tags will be able to be moved to CSV files, Text files or XML files.

3. Exif wMarker

Should you ever need to have any watermarks show up on your pictures, then Exif wMarker is something that you should look into. This program is very user friendly and simple as well. The watermark itself can be anything of your choosing. This could mean a company website or even just a simple copyright. This is something that will show up on each and every picture that you take, if you choose for it to.

4. VisualExif

This program will allow you to display the information that will be stored with the JPEG pictures that you have. This program is also very easy to use and only takes one right click of your mouse to get going (once it has been properly installed onto your computer).

5. GOGO Exif Image Viewer ActiveX OCX

This program is able to help you to gather up all of the embedded image information that is in your data. This will include your EXIF, GPS and TIFF tags. What this does is allow you to get all of the useful information written back into a Tiff, Png or JPEG image.

Whatever type of additional features that you need to have for your EXIF data, you will find that there are programs to fit just about any need. 

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