4 Fun Ideas for the Night Portrait Mode

The night portrait mode on a camera allows you to take photos with a slower shutter speed. This will give you a clearer picture without the pure black background. This mode will give you the opportunity to take some stunning photos that you wouldn't be able to take otherwise. Here are a few ideas for taking some interesting photographs after dark.

1. Heavily Lighted Areas

If you've ever become frustrated trying to capture great pictures during the holidays, the night setting may help. If you have the option of turning the flash off while using the night setting, candles, streetlight or even Christmas lights can create enough ambient light to give you some great photos. Try taking some pictures in the night mode outdoors near lit jack-o-lanterns during your next Halloween get together. Have children pose near the Christmas tree with the rest of the lights turned off for an angelic look for a holiday card. Even taking photos near street lamps can look breathtaking in night mode. Another great aspect of night mode is the way motion is captured. Light trails and random color patterns can be created with movement. This is especially useful if you take a photo of passing traffic. Try to take a few photos of someone standing on a bridge over a heavy traffic area. As long as the subject stands perfectly still, the passing traffic will create a background that is very artistic with lots of streaks of red and white light from the passing cars.

2. Sunrises and Sunsets

Even though this time of the day isn't dark, using the night mode on your camera can change the composition of the photo. The colors will be more vibrant. If you can capture the clouds in these photos, the effect will be much different than using any other mode. The night mode will give the appearance of fast movement, even though there isn't any.

3. Reflections

Using the night mode in front of a mirror or a window will give a great effect. Instead of having a sharp reflection in the mirror or window, the night mode will create a slightly blurred image in the reflection, even though the subject will be clear. You can also avoid some of the light play that happens in reflective surfaces during the daylight. Some very artistic looking portraits can be achieved by posing a subject in front of a window and having them stare out of it.

4. Play with Angles

Use a tripod set up low to the ground, and take a few photos of a subject from a 45 to 60 degree angle from the ground. This will capture the sky or trees behind the subject. Doing this in night mode will give you a different sense of color and space. The resulting photos will have a very artistic feel about them.

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