3 Types of 55mm Camera Filters for Special Effects

All 55mm camera filters have their specific uses, although the general functions include augmenting image quality and creating special effects. Presently, most 55mm filters comes in sets or in a group containing several sets. If you intend to purchase your own set of camera filters, consider getting the following pieces or sets for instant special effects for your images.

Color filters

This is basically self-explanatory, but you need not buy every color filter you find. There are camera filters that can be screwed one on top of the other for multiple effects. A red color filter with a yellow color filter will create an orange filtered photo. There are also filters for sepia and gray-scale.

Polarizing filters

These camera filters are perfect for far-off landscapes that need definition while removing any fog or haze in the foreground. This is great for making far-off mountain ranges and other geographical landscape appear clearer while improving the foreground's color and definition.

Star Effect filters

This lens filter actually looks like a typical lens until you focus on a light source. There you will see the effect depending on how many points your star filter has. If it's an eight star point filter, you will see all the light fixtures with a glowing eight-point star. The same is true with five point, six point, etc.