3 Tips to Change a Lens Fast

When you change a lens, which happens frequently on shoots, you often find that work is halted until the new lens is up. If you want to avoid keeping everyone waiting awhile for the new lens to be up, here are some tips to change a lens fast.

Tip 1: Don't Rush and You'll Avoid Accidents

Changing a lens is not something that should be rushed. Lens are delicate and expensive. If dropped, they will break and it will probably cost a few hundred dollars to replace it. You're working with expensive equipment and when you rush, mistakes will happen. A broken lens is a lot more disastrous to a shoot as opposed to waiting an extra minute for the lens change.

Tip 2: Know What You Want

The quickest way to get the right lens you want is to know exactly which lens you need. Be familiar with your lens, how they affect the image's composition, and how they'll effect the depth of field. Really, the only way to become that knowledgeable is to be experienced. And the only way you can get experienced is by shooting. So, grab your camera and lenses, go out and shoot, and take notes about what settings you used. When you view your photos at the end of the day, compare your results with your notes to see how your choices affected your work. 

The quickest way to change a lens is to change the right one, as oppose to the guess, test, revise method.

Tip 3: Keep Them Nearby

The closer you keep your equipment to set, then the faster it will be to swap out equipment. Try to keep your gear as close to you as possible, but far enough away where it won't get in the way. Lens that are one minute away get swapped out quicker then lens that are five minutes away.

And remember, don't rush or run because accidents can happen.

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