Digital Camera Instructions: Sharpness Explained

When you're thumbing through the digital camera instructions for your new toy, you'll often see the word sharpness. It plays a big role in photography, but what exactly is it? Well, let's first look at how its measured, which is, lines per a millimeter. It's the ability of the human eye to identify high contrast lines in the space of a millimeter. It's how many small details can you clearly see. Sharpness is a combination of resolution and acutance.

Understanding Sharpness

You probably have some kind of idea of what resolution is in a digital camera. Digital images are comprised of pixels, which are tiny square made up of just a single color. When all these pixels come together, they create an image that is your photograph. The higher the resolution, the greater the concentration of pixels, the more sharper the image appears.

Acutance is all about how the pixels transition between the edges of an image. How one object contrasts against another determines how sharp it will be.

There are a lot of variables that will go into the sharpness of your images, which include resolution settings, lenses, lighting, exposure and shutter speed. Sharp images give an image a high quality appearance. 

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