Send Pictures to a Computer with a RAZR Bluetooth Camera Phone

A Motorola RAZR camera phone is equipped with the latest features available on any phone. These have a high quality multi mega-pixel camera and bluetooth. It's very easy to transfer the photographs over bluetooth to avoid the need to use any wires.

Step 1: Setting up Your Computer

The first thing that you need to do is set up your computer so that it is able to receive the bluetooth files. Many new laptop computers have bluetooth receivers built into them. If your computer isn't already equipped with a bluetooth module, then you will need to buy one.

The easiest way to add bluetooth capabilities to your computer is to buy a USB adapter. This is a small dongle which needs to be plugged into a free USB port. When it is connected, it will then install the drivers automatically.

Step 2: Receive Mode

You now need to put the computer into receive mode so that it can receive an individual photo. To do this, click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, and click Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard. This will open a new application. Follow the options and click Receive File. Your computer will then be put into the right mode to start receiving files.

Step 3: Sending Files

Open the image that you want to send and then press the menu key down. Select "Copy" from the menu and then find your computer. Then simply wait for the computer to receive the file.