Photography Apps for Android: Facebook

Facebook has been growing exponentially in recent years, and more and more companies are offering apps, such as Android Facebook, so that users can quickly and easily access their Facebook page. iPhone was one of the first to take advantage of this market, but many others only offered Facebook's mobile site as opposed to an app. Google was known for its close relationship to MySpace so it took a while for Google to embrace the Facebook world. Google recently remedied that problem, by releasing Google Android's Facebook app Version 1.2 in order to try and tap this audience. 

Android's Free Facebook App

Google Android's Facebook App is free, and it offers many of the same features that the iPhone app has been providing to users. Google allows users to look through the latest wall posts, find friends, view friend's photos and comment on people's statuses. Users can also directly go to a friend's profile to see the latest updates.

Just like the regular site, the Like button shows up under the item, allowing users to like a person's status, photo or video. Further, users can add a notification widget to the home screen that allows users to see when one of their friends have posted something new or responded to the user's posts.

Another interesting feature of the Google Facebook app is that users can set their phones to vibrate or ring when messages are received or statuses are updated. Users can set the phone to receive these messages at varying intervals, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

Easily Upload Photos and Videos

Google Android users don't need to worry about how to upload videos and pictures to Facebook anymore. Users simply need to select the photo or video, and hit the upload to Facebook selection. Users will also be able to tag photos and videos or add titles to them. Users can also directly go to the app itself and upload their pictures from there. Users should look for the camera setting with the "Upload Photo" text beneath it. Simply hit the button, and follow the directions for uploading photos.


The look of the Android App for Facebook looks very similar to the Facebook page itself, except more condensed. Users can access buttons to take them where they need to go, including the following: Home, Profile, Friends and Inbox. The Inbox button will generally also alert users as to how many messages are in the inbox.

The Search box allows users to search for friends, groups, etc., depending on what they need to find. When searching for friends, users can pick the person for whom they were looking and choose from a set of buttons as to what they want to do. These buttons will take users to the friend's profile, or they can choose from Message (to send the person a message), Mobile (to call the person) or SMS (to send the person a text).


Google Android's Facebook app is still relatively new, and the company is still working out some kinks. Yet, each version brings more features and more usability.