Must My Camera Phone be in the Top 10 to Take Good Pictures?

You don't necessarily need to buy a top camera phone to take good pictures. There are plenty of phones that have good cameras and are considered one of the best phones available.


Camera phones are reviewed and ranked depending on a number of different criteria. This means that even the top phones might not have a good camera if they make up for it in some other way. These might have excellent organizer tools and poor cameras.

Camera Reviews

If you are specifically interested in choosing a good camera phone then you might not be interested in other features. To choose the right phone you will need to read reviews which specifically mention the camera. Instead of looking at the overall score of the review simply read the section that relates to the camera.


The best way to decide whether or not the phone has a good camera is to test it out. Most phone shops have a couple of demo units available to test. You can try taking a photo of something using the phone to see how well it works. It's then possible to compare the results with a few other camera phones.

Camera phones are extremely convenient because they are something that you take everywhere.