iPhone Photography: Tilt Shift Generators

iPhone Photography is becoming increasingly popular due to the newer versions of the phone shipping with much better cameras. The original iPhone had a very poor camera, but the third and fourth generations are much better.

Photo Apps

There are hundreds of iPhone apps available for photography. One of the most popular is Tilt Shift, which is released by the same authors as the popular ToyCamera series of apps.

What Is It?

Tilt Shift Generator is designed to make it easy to create photographs which look like they are toys. This is very similar to the other ToyCamera apps which are available from the same developer.

How It Works

Using the app is very easy. You can adjust a number of different settings and parameters to apply different effects. This is certainly the best app if you want to apply toy effects to your photos.

Free Version

This software was originally released for free on the Internet as an AIR app. This can still be used to try out the app to see whether or not you want to install it on your iThing (iPhone or iPad).

Installing the App

The app can be installed on your device by searching for it in the app store. It is a paid app for both the iPad and iPhone. The iPad version is ideal for editing photos and playing around with the app because of the larger screen.

TiltShift Generator means that you will be able to adjust your photographs and make them look different. This makes it easy to make your photographs look unique and interesting.