iPhone Photo Apps: Twinshot 3D

The iPhone Twinshot 3D app can make using your iPhone camera even more enjoyable. The iPhone cameras on the latest versions of the phone are capable of taking high quality photographs. This is brilliant because it can be carried around everywhere you go.

This app makes it possible to take high quality photographs in all their three dimensions. Anyone using the 3D app will be able to take high quality photographs in 3D using their iPhone camera.

What Is It?

3D is a hot topic at the moment. 3D films and photographs are becoming extremely popular. If you want to take your own 3D photographs, then Twinshot 3D will be a great application to use. Twinshot 3D mixes together photographs to create a unique 3D image of whatever you are looking at.

There are a few apps which are capable of making 3D images, but Twinshot 3D is one of the best. Unlike other apps, this creates a genuine 3D image which can be looked at using stereoscopic 3D glasses.

Downloading Twinshot 3D

Twinshot 3D is a useful application, which can be downloaded directly from the App store. This means that it can be downloaded onto your device over a wireless network. The app costs $1.99, which is fairly reasonable for an app which offers new features to your phone. The app is also very small and won't take up much of your phones' resources.

Using Twinshot 3D

Twinshot 3D is very easy to use. Once you have launched the software, you will be able to start using the app to create wonderful 3D photographs. Twinshot 3D will first prompt you to take one photo of the subject. Then, the camera should be moved slightly and then another photo taken.

The app will then be able to automatically combine both of the photos together to create an image in 3D. This works very well, and the app is able to do this quickly.

Looking at 3D Photos

All you need to enjoy the 3D Photos is a pair of 3D glasses, which are surprisingly easy to come across these days. These glasses have one red and one green colored lens. These are designed so that your eyes will each see a different image and provide a 3D effect to enjoy.

High Resolution

The application saves the images in the maximum resolution that your camera supports. This means that they can be downloaded to your computer and then printed off. They can also be shared with your friends by uploading them to social networking sites or printing them off. You will just need to inform people that they need their own pair of 3D glasses to enjoy them.


TwinShot 3D is a fairly useful application which is very affordable. At under $2, most people will be able to justify this application so they can have some fun with it. Who wouldn't want to jump on the 3D bandwagon and start producing their very own high quality 3D shots?

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