iPhone Photo Apps: Sneaky Pics

The iPhone sneaky pics app is perfect for anyone who wants to take undercover photography. This app makes it very simple to take photos without anyone realizing what you're doing.

What Is It?

The iPhone Sneaky pics app is a way to take photos without letting anyone know that you're taking a photo of them. This is a secret application, which is surprisingly still legal. The makers tell people that it can be used to take photos of your crushes, celebrities or anyone else that you want to without asking their permission. This may not be completely ethical, but it is fun and easy to use.

How It Works

The app is actually very simple to use and is quite well thought out. Instead of needing to press the shutter button on the phone to take a photo, a picture is taken automatically. The app knows when to take a photo whenever the app is against something. This is made possible by using the proximity sensor in the iPhone.

The idea is that you pretend you are on the phone and as soon as you hold it against your ear the camera will take a photo. The shutter noise is also removed to prevent anyone from finding out exactly what you're up to.

This can be a great way to capture some candied shots when people aren't posing. It's actually one of the best ways to catch un-staged photos.

Taking a Photo

When you want to take a photo, it's simply a matter of pointing your camera in the right direction and then holding it against your ear or any other surface. This will automatically cause the camera to take a picture silently without alerting anyone. You can then walk away and take a look at the screen of your camera. If the photo is something that you like, then it's possible to save it. Otherwise, you can press the Retake Photo button to take another new photograph.

Once the photo is saved, it can then be uploaded to social networking sites or downloaded to your computer. It can also be emailed or simply carried around with you so that you can look at your crush all day long.

Downloading the App

This is app has been approved by Apple and can be installed on an unmodified iPhone. It can be downloaded from the app store and installed on your device using a wireless Internet connection. It costs $9.99, which is high compared to many other camera apps for the iPhone.


The iPhone sneaky pics app does what it claims to do very well. However, this is fairly expensive for what it is. There is also the ethical issue to consider, as few people would like to have their privacy violated in this way. If you're not careful, the software could even get you into trouble with authorities.

If you really must take photos secretly, then this is one of the best apps to do just that. However, the cost is still very high for an app which is limited to taking secret photos.

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