iPhone Photo Apps: ShakeIt

The iPhone ShakeIt app is one of the most popular camera apps available for the iPhone. There are literally tens of thousands of different apps available for the iPhone. It's impossible to install all of these because they take up space on your phone. Selecting exactly which ones you want to install can be a little difficult at times.

What Is It?

ShakeIt is a useful iPhone app which turns your phone into an instant camera. If you loved Polaroid cameras and miss them being around, then this is a great app to use. This is a bit of a novelty, as the app doesn't really do anything useful. This app is an improved camera app for the iPhone.

When you take a photo, it won't be displayed instantly like normal. Instead, you can watch the photo emerge as if it was developing while you watch. What's more, you can shake the camera to make the image develop faster than normal. ShakeIt is an interesting application, even though it's not absolutely essential.

Downloadng ShakeIt

ShakeIt is available from the iPhone App Store. This makes it very easy to download the app onto your phone. The app also only costs 99 cents.

Sharing Photos

The photos taken with the app can be saved as normal and then shared. ShakeIt is also integrated with FaceBook, which makes it very simple to share the photos with your friends. The photos can also be saved to your phones camera roll, which makes it easy to find them again when needed.

Using ShakeIt Photo

The ShakeIt iPhone app is very easy to use. Simply aim your camera as normal and press the shutter button to take the picture. Once the picture is taken, you can wait for the photo to materialize as it develops before your eyes. You can also adjust the settings of the application to change the format of the picture.

All of the photos taken with the app will have the white border around all the pictures. This is exactly how many people remember their favorite Polaroid photographs looking.


All of the images taken with this app are of the highest quality. The images are saved in full resolution, which makes it possible to print them off in all their glory if you so wish. The app is also very reliable and does not cause any problems with the phone. The app should not cause the phone to crash under normal operation.


If you are looking for a way to make taking photos on your phone more enjoyable, then this is a great app. The ShakeIt app will also give your photos a nice retro look and feel.

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