iPhone Photo Apps: Quadcam

Photo applications, such as Quadcam, make your iPhones camera even more powerful and useful. The Quadcam software adds additional features to your iPhone, which makes it much easier to take great looking photographs.

What Is It?

Quadcam is a useful application which makes taking great photos much easier. This allows you to take multiple photos automatically by adjusting various settings. It's possible to select between 4 and 8 multi shots. Settings make it possible to adjust the amount of time between shots.

The iPhone camera isn't perfect, but this app can make your photo results much better. Using this application can also be enjoyable and help you to capture some unique results that you wouldn't normally have chance to capture.


Quadcam costs $2 and can be downloaded from the app store. This makes it very simple to download and install it on your iPhone. It can also be installed directly on the phone by using a wireless Internet connection. Once the app is downloaded and installed, it requires very little resources on your iPhone. This makes it perfect to install on a phone with limited resources. The app costs $2, which is very reasonable for an app which gives your iPhone camera advanced features.


iPhone Quadcam is suitable for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. Your device must be at least an iPhone OS 3.1.2. As the app is only 0.4 MB in size, it should fit on almost any phone no matter how many apps you already have installed.

Using Quadcam

It's very easy to use Quadcam, and it can easily take 4 or 8 high quality digital photos within seconds of one another. To use it, simply launch the application from the main menu. With the application launched, it will look like the regular photo app. It's now possible to adjust the settings which will affect how many photographs are taken and the interval in between shots.

Start by lining the camera up with whatever it is you want to photograph, and then press the shutter button. This will then take the number of photos that you've set in the options for the app.

Types of Photos

The types of photos taken can either be saved as individual JPEG images, by combining all of the images together or as an animated gif. Individual JPEG files will make the app work pretty much the same as the burst mode on your digital camera. Saving all of the images together will create a film strip style image with all 4 or 8 of the images together.

Animated gifs can be compared to a very simple video. Because a maximum of 8 frames will be used, the animation will be fairly jerky. This is, however, a very useful effect for a variety of reasons.

Saving Images

The image can be saved to your phone and then shared on social networking sites or emailed to other people. It's also possible to download the photo to your computer for further editing or printing if you prefer. The photos are saved in high quality, which makes it easy to print high quality photos.

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