iPhone Photo Apps: Colorsplash

Colorsplash is a unique image editing application for the iPhone, which makes lots of things very simple. The app can be found on the Internet and downloaded onto an unmodified iPhone. The app is approved by Apple, and this should mean that it won't damage your phone when it's installed.

What Is It?

The iPhone Colorsplash app is a quick and easy way of changing the color of your photographs. It's possible to use this app to convert the image to black and white. The impressive bit, however, is that it's possible to keep the subjects of the photo in their natural colors. This can create dramatic and stunning photographs which are unique.

The app was created by Pocket Pixels Inc., who also created several other iPhone apps.Other apps created by this company include Juxtaposer.


The software makes it extremely easy to convert the background of an image into black and white, while leaving the subjects in color. This is actually a very impressive trick because it can take a long time to do a similar thing using Photoshop. This app simplifies the process and makes it possible for anyone to create this effect.


The app can be downloaded from the App Store and costs a very reasonable $1.99. The file is quite large at 18MB, however, it is a worthwhile app to have on your phone. If you're interested in creating unique photos using the iPhone camera, then the Colorsplash application could be ideal for you.

The app is also updated on a fairly regular basis, which means any bugs or problems are fixed as quickly as possible.

Using the App

To achieve a similar effect in Photoshop, it's actually very difficult. However, this app for the iPhone works very well and makes everything simple. It's possible to launch the camera from within the app and then take photos of anything. It's then simply a matter of selecting exactly what you want to be left in color and what you want to be converted to black and white.

The images can then be saved and shared with your friends and family. One minor complaint of many people is the fact that the image is saved in a low resolution format, making it impossible to print out. This, however, is only a minor issue as taking a screen shot at full resolution can fix the problem. This issue will probably be fixed in future versions.


Colorsplash for the iPhone is a well thought out application which is fun to use. This also simplifies something that can be very complex on a computer. It's great to be able to take your own photos and convert them into dynamic photos.

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