iPhone Photo Apps: Camera Zoom

The camera zoom app for the iPhone can make it very easy to take high quality photos on your phone. The latest versions of the iPhone have pretty respectable cameras for a phone. While these might not compare to your dedicated digital camera, they are still useful to take a photo when you don't have your main camera with you.

The iPhone camera zoom app makes it possible to zoom into the photo, and take a picture of the subject itself.

What Is It?

The iPhone camera zoom app adds zooming capability to your camera. This makes it easy to zoom into your subject and take a photo of exactly what you want to. Although the official camera software doesn't support zooming, it is possible to zoom using this software. The app is able to create some good results and hardly any quality is lost when zooming in.

The app provides your iPhone with up to 4x digital zoom, which means you can zoom in to any subject without needing to move closer.

Additional Features

Although the zoom function might be the main feature of the app, there are also a number of other reasons you might want to consider buying it. Like many other camera apps, this one features a full screen shutter. This is optional and must be turned on in the settings for the application. With this turned on, it makes taking a photo as simple as pressing anywhere on the screen.

This is very convenient, but it can be possible to accidentally take a photo when you are trying to move the zoom slider down the side of the screen.


The iPhone camera itself, like most other camera phones, does not support any form of optical zoom. This means that the app is only able to provide digital zoom. While this works fairly successfully, it can lose some of the detail in photos. When trying to use this in dark conditions, the grain in the photos will be noticeable and this could be annoying.

Getting the App

The app can be downloaded through the apps store on your iPhone. Simply launch the store from your iPhone and then search for the camera zoom app. There are a few different versions, the latest of which is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.

Using the App

The app has a very simple design and is a pleasure to use. To zoom in, you simply use your finger to drag the slider up. By dragging the slider down, the camera will then zoom out. The app does make zooming a photo much easier than some other apps. The zoom app also does a much better job of zooming than some other similar apps.


While the iPhone camera zoom app might not be as good as a dedicated digital camera, it does provide reasonable results. The application also costs $0.99, which means that it's a cheap way to add zoom capabilities to your iPhone.

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