iPhone Camera Apps: Photo Locations

Photo Locations is a very useful camera app which is designed to make editing the meta data in your photos much easier. There are many different applications that are designed for use on the iPhone, however you won't be able to install all of these at the same time. The iPhone might be powerful, however too many apps installed and running on your phone will slow it down.

What is Photo Locations?

Photo Locations is a useful app for anyone who takes a lot of photographs using their iPhone. This app can be installed and used to automatically insert the location into the meta data of the photo. It can also be used to view and edit the meta data. Photo Locations is an extremely useful app for anyone who likes to use their iPhone camera regularly.

What is Meta Data

Meta Data is extra embedded information included in your image files. This information can include the type of camera used, the time and date and also various settings of the camera. Descriptions and authors can also be included in this Meta Data. The Meta Data is very useful if you intend on sharing any photos with other people, this will allow people to remember who took the photos and also when they were taken.

Viewing Meta Data

The app has a helpful method of viewing the meta data which is already stored inside your images, which means that you will be able to read the contents of the meta data easily without loading the files onto a computer. The layout of the viewing function is very easy to understand. It's also possible to edit the meta data by tapping the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Meta Data

Once you have opened up a photo or looked at the meta data it's then possible to edit it. Editing the meta data will mean that you can change the contents of the data. You can adjust the location or change the description or other fields. Because this is a dedicated Meta Data editor it does the job very well, which means that there is very little chance that the data will ever be corrupted.


One of the best features about Photo Locations is that it will be able to determine your location using the built in GPS module in the phone, it can then use this information to enter the location the photo was taken in the Meta Data. Geo-Tagging is extremely popular as you will then be able to remember exactly where the photos were taken and at what time.

Every time you take a new photo the app will automatically get the location and save it in the meta data,. This is a very useful addition to the standard camera app. The location is recorded as your current position, however it can automatically convert this information into an address.

Photo Locations is ideal for professional photographers who need to keep an accurate record of when and where a photograph was taken. This will save a lot of time filling in the information manually.

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