How to Video Conference with a SIP VoIP Video Phone

An SIP VOIP video phone can be used to hold video conferences with people all around the world. These VOIP phones use the internet instead of conventional phone lines to place calls. The advantage of this is that they are much cheaper. As more and more people have broadband internet connections they are able to use VOIP phones as a reliable way of communicating.

Step 1 - Choosing a SIP VOIP Phone

An SIP video phone is a special type of VOIP phone that is compatible with many service providers. These are not tied to a particular provider as it is possible to change the SIP server. You will need to look at the different VOIP services to check which ones will support the use of an SIP phone.

Step 2 - Connecting the Phone

Now you will need to unpack the phone and connect it to your network. This can be done either using a wireless network or by plugging it into your network with a cable.

Step 3 - Placing a Call

You will now need to start placing calls. Dial a number or enter the address of someone else with a VOIP video phone. If they are in the house then they will answer. Then you can see one another and discuss anything.