How to Use Your Cellular Phone for Home Video Shooting

If you want to shoot great home videos, you may just need the right home video phone as opposed to purchasing a really expensive camcorder. Smartphones now come with megapixel resolution sensors similar to standard point and shoot cameras. And, learning how to use the camera on these phones is as easy as clicking a button.

Step 1: Pick the Right Phone

If you want to capture quality video on your home video phone, you first need to choose the right phone. Look for ones that can capture between 28 and 30 frames per second (fps). Also, try to purchase a smartphone that captures at least 640 by 480 pixel videos. You’ll actually find these same specs on many low- to mid-end camcorders. So, it’s like having your own pocket-sized camcorder.

Both the Nokia N95 8GB and Samsung Memoir SGH-T929 can capture video at 30 fps, and the Samsung Memoir can take video up to 720 by 480 pixels.

Step 2: Pick the Right Lighting

Since a smartphone does not have the same capabilities as a standard camcorder, you need to compensate for things like light and zoom. So, when capturing video, go for the sunniest locations. Shoot for taking video during the day outdoors.

Or, if you have to take indoor shots, turn on all the lights and maybe even a few lamps. The more light that you can bring into the situation, the more likely that your video will not be grainy or noisy.

Step 3: Zoom

Unlike traditional cameras, smartphones do not have a really good zoom, which makes it difficult to get close to a subject that is further away. Instead of using the zoom, just move closer to your subject. You will get a clearer shot, and the overall quality of the video will look better.

Step 4: Settings

If your smartphone has different video settings, change the resolution to the highest setting. This will ensure that you are taking the best video possible. These settings can usually be found within your camera’s options.

Step 5: Post-Production

If your video did not come out perfect, you can still edit it with video editing software. This allows you to remove any bad or unnecessary clips.