How to Use Your Cell Phone with No Camera to Store Your Photos

Even if your cell phone has no camera, it may still be possible to use it to store photos and files from your computer. This is useful for many people who like something more substantial than a USB flash drive to carry their files around on.

Why Use a Phone?

There are many reasons why you might like to consider using your phone to carry documents. The main reason is because your phone will be taken everywhere you go. This means that by storing your photos on your phone, you will always have them with you.

Many phones also have color screens; this means that you will be able to review the photos even if they are very small. The photos could also be set as your wallpaper if you want.

How to Use a Phone to Store Photos

Using your cell phone to store photos and data files is actually very simple. There are actually a few different ways of doing it. The easiest would be to connect your phone to the computer using a USB lead. This will make your phone act just like a USB memory stick. It will appear as a drive on your computer and files can easily be dragged and dropped onto it.