How to Send Pics to a Computer from a Bluetooth Cell Phone Camera

It’s common to find a Bluetooth camera cell phone on the market; in fact, most people are carrying one right now. Rarely are phones made without a built-in Bluetooth function. This feature allows you to use hands-free devices and to be able to transfer files wirelessly. You can send data to another phone or to a computer. If you want to know how to send pics to a computer from a Bluetooth camera, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Check Computer for Bluetooth

The receiving computer should have its Bluetooth connection turned on. Most laptops and netbooks come with built-in Bluetooth. Simply go to connections and turn on Bluetooth. If your computer does not have this feature, just buy a USB Bluetooth dongle and set it up.

Step 2: Search for Device

Turn on the Bluetooth on your computer and on your cellphone. On your phone, just go your connection options. Find the option for Bluetooth and press on.

Step 3: Pair Both Devices

You should know your computer name. On your cell phone, scan the area for Bluetooth devices. Your phone should turn up several options, one of which is your computer. You should then click on the computer name. Accept the invite that pops up on your computer.

Step 4: Send Picture

On your cell phone, open the picture that you want to send. Go to options, and choose to send the file via Bluetooth. A pop up will appear on your computer that a device is trying to send you a file; approve it. After a few minutes, your pic from your cell phone will then be transferred to your computer.