How to Download and Print Your Camera Phone Pics

Your camera phone pics deserve to be downloaded to your computer. By downloading these pictures, it's possible to edit them, print them out and even upload them to the Internet. Downloading and printing is very easy from most phones as there are a few different methods of doing it. Once you have downloaded the photos, it's also possible to delete them from the memory card (which makes it possible to save space and take lots more photos).

The photos can also be uploaded to your phone again once they are edited. This makes it easy to display the perfect photo on the phone's home screen.

Step 1: Connecting the Phone

One of the easiest methods for transferring photos to your computer is to connect the phone. The phone can normally be connected to your computer using a USB cable. Once the phone is connected, it should then be installed automatically as a removable drive. You might first need to install some software first before the phone can talk properly to the computer.

When the phone is connected to your computer, it will then be possible to open it as a drive on your computer. With the drive opened, the photos can then be selected and copied to your computers hard drive. Once the photos have been copied, it is then possible to delete them from the card to free up some space.

Step 2: Using BlueTooth

If your phone has bluetooth, then it is possible to connect it to your computer without wires. A bluetooth dongle is a great way to transfer files. The files can be selected on your phone and then sent from your phone wirelessly. They can then be saved on your computer somewhere that you can find them.

Step 3: Taking out the Memory Card

Another simple way to transfer the photos to your computer is to take out the memory card. Most phones use a micro sd or mini sd card. These can be put into a card reader using an adapter. This makes it possible to easily copy the photos to your computer.

If you have a compatible printer, then it might be possible to put your card directly into your printer. It is then possible to select the photos you want to print and print them out, without needing to transfer them to a computer.

Step 4: Editing Photos

With the photos transferred to your computer, they can then be opened in any photo editing application. The most popular application is Photoshop, although free alternatives such as also exist. The photos can be treated in the same way as a regular digital photo and touched up until you are happy.

Step 5: Printing Photos

With your photos transferred to your computer, you will then need to print them out. This is simply a matter of connecting the printer and clicking on file print. You can then select the size of paper you want to print on. It is a good idea to print the photos on photo quality paper.