How to Diffuse the Nextel Camera Phone Spotlight for Pictures

If you have a Nextel camera phone, then you might want to know how to diffuse the spotlight. These phones have very powerful cameras which makes them perfect for photographers. The flashes on them are very light. While this is useful in some circumstances, it can cause problems in others. You can diffuse the spotlight which will make it much less harsh. This will ensure that the flash won't burn anything out.


A piece of paper can be taped over the spotlight on your nextel camera phone. Once this is taped onto the lens, it will make the light much less bright. This means that the light will be softer.

Tissue Paper

A piece of tissue paper can also be taped over the flash on your camera. This isn't as dense as a piece of paper which will make the light slightly brighter.


A sheet of transparent plastic can be taped onto your phones spotlight. Plastic is much more transparent. This will mean that the light will be brighter than when using a piece of paper or tissue paper.

When you have finished using the camera with the diffuser, then you should remove the tape. Make sure that you use a low tack tape which will not cause any harm to your camera.