How to Choose a Free Camera Phone that Takes Good Pictures

When you get the option of choosing a free camera phone, it can be difficult to decide which one to get. Anyone who has a contract phone will be able to choose a new phone at the end of your contract. Many camera phones have fairly basic cameras which aren't suitable for taking good photos. However, there are some much more powerful camera phones available.


The resolution of the camera will be measured in megapixels. Older camera phones had a resolution of under 1 mega pixel. Newer cameras have multi-megapixel resolutions. This includes camera phones with a resolution of five or even 10 megapixels. When you are choosing a camera phone which can take good pictures, you must consider the resolution.


Many camera phones also feature a flash. These flashes aren't as powerful as a DSLR or even compact camera. However, a flash on any camera is very useful. This can provide light and is ideal for a fill in flash. Fill in flashes even out the shadows and colors in a photo.


Consider the amount of internal memory in the phone. Also take a look at whether you can add additional memory cards. If you can add memory cards, then this makes it easy to take photos and transfer them to your computer.