How to Capture Video with Your New Nextel Camera Phone

Buying a new NEXTEL camera phone will provide you with a state of the art camera phone. These phones can be used to take still photos and also capture videos. There are a few different NEXTEL phones available and the method of using these will be slightly different.

Step 1: Starting the Camera

The first thing you need to do is open up your phone and start your camera by pressing the left soft key. This will make it possible to take still photos or record videos.

Step 2: Changing Shooting Mode

Press the menu key when in your camera application to open up the camera options menu. Then, select the shooting mode. You need to change the shooting mode into video.

Step 3: Capturing Video

Now point the camera wherever you want to record and press the shutter down. By pressing the shutter, the camera will start recording the video. The screen will show you how much time you have available to record depending on the amount of space left on your phone. You can record more by putting a larger memory card into your phone.

Once you have finished capturing the video, stop recording by pressing the shutter button again. The phone will then save the video on your phone. You can then transfer the video to your computer where it can be edited and uploaded to the Internet.