How to Attach Voice Clips to Photos on Your Sanyo Camera Phone

A Sanyo camera phone is a very useful and powerful phone. While Sanyo might not be particularly well known for their cell phones, they are quickly earning themselves a very good reputation. These phones have some unique and useful features. One useful feature is adding voice memos to your photos. This makes it very easy to tell stories and remember exactly what was happening when you took the photo.

Step 1: Take a Photo

If you haven't already taken a photo on your Sanyo camera phone, then you will need to now. Start by opening the camera up and pressing the left soft button. This will launch the camera, which makes it possible to see everything with your phone's screen. You can then take a photo by pressing the left key again.

Step 2: Add the Audio

When you have taken the photo, you then need to open it in the media browser. With the photo loaded, press the left button to open the options menu. From the options menu on your phone, you should then select "Add voice Memo". This will make a new screen appear where you can record your audio clip.

Press the record button and start talking into your phone. The microphone on your phone will be turned on automatically. Press the button to stop recording when you're ready and the clip will be added onto the photo.