How to Add a Lens to Your Cell Phone to Make a Spy Camera

It is now possible, with the current mobile/cell phone technology available, to transform your cell phone (regardless of its manufacturer) into a proper Spy Camera. Picture capturing technology associated with cell phones has made a lot of progress since the first introduction of inbuilt camera phones in the late 1990’s; however, because of their low resolution capacity, close up and long range images still end up blurry and can be hard to read unless they are sharpened by an image editing software first.

Here's how to transform your cell phone into a proper spy camera.

Step 1: Choosing the Appropriate Lens

There are two different types of accessories available from many different manufacturers worldwide that allow you to turn your mobile phones into spy cameras. The first type of lens is the small wide angle/macro lens module that sharpens the focus and image quality of the close pictures you take. The second is the mobile telephoto lens module that attaches to your mobile phone and allows you to capture clear images further than the digital zoom functions inbuilt in your cell phone cameras. Both modules are easily attachable to any mobile phones currently sold in the market.

As there is no single module available that allows you to do both easily, it is essential to know which one to carry in order to take clear pictures of critical events and documents without compromising the image quality of your photographs.

Step 2: Using a Wide Angle/Macro Lens

The small wide angle/macro lens is perfectly suited to take close up pictures of documents and other information of which you need to take a clear photo off. Manufactured by world renowned manufacturers such as SONY, Samsung, as well as others, these small lenses come with a magnetic mount that attach easily in front of your mobile phone’s camera lens. They do not move when the phone is moved and can also easily be snatched off when necessary.

Taking a picture through them, you will immediately notice a clearer, sharper and wider image quality in your photos. This is ideal when utilizing such tools as a spy camera to take copies of documents with the image quality high enough to read right off the screen of your phone. Prices start at around $20.

Step 3: Using a Mobile Telephoto Lens

Mobile telephoto lenses are the newest and best example of how the world of mobile camera photography is evolving and increasingly catering to more professional photographers in addition to just the average mobile users. Most manufacturers of mobile telephoto lenses such as Canon, Apple, Saxon, as well as many others, offer a wide array of mobile telephoto lens that start at around US $20, depending on its manufacturer.

As these are longer than the wide camera/macro lenses, they mostly require a bracket that comes with the lens to attach and secure them to your phone over the lens of your mobile camera. This transforms a cell phone into a small spy camera capable of taking clear pictures over long distances.