How Pictures from a 5MP Camera Phone can be Used for Web Pages

A 5MP camera phone is a very useful piece of equipment. At one time, the cameras included with phones were very basic and were a gimmick. However, modern cameras feature much more powerful cameras. These are capable of producing very high quality images with a large size.


All digital images are made up of pixels. A pixel is simply a tiny dot of color. These pixels are so tiny that they make up good quality images. The number of pixels included in the picture is known as the resolution. A 5 mega pixel digital camera will capture images which contain 5 million pixels. This makes the image very large.

Small Images

When capturing an image with a poor quality camera, the image will be very small. This is because it contains a small number of pixels. A low resolution image will be very small. To display these any larger, you will need to enlarge the image. Stretching the image will decrease the quality. By stretching the image, you will make it look pixelated. This creates many problems.


The minimum resolution of a computer monitor is 72 DPI. This means that you should always stick to a minimum image resolution of 72 DPI. Using a camera phone with a 5 mega pixel sensor will make it possible to use the images on websites or to print them out.