How a GPS Camera Phone Knows the Location of Your Photos

A GPS camera phone is very useful because it not only makes it possible to take great photos, but you can also use it to identify your location. By using the GPS module in your cell phone, it is possible to tag the photos and remember exactly where they were taken. This is a great way to organize your photographs and store them on your computer.

Your Location

Your GPS cell phone camera will identify your location by using satellites. There are a number of satellites which are used to triangulate your position on the face of the earth. This system is very accurate and locates your position to within a few meters.


When your GPS camera phone identifies your location, it can then be tagged. The tags are added into the description field of your photos. This makes it very simple to search for the photos by searching for this information on your computer. You might think that you will always remember where your photos are taken, however, this is rarely the case. The GPS data is a great memory jogger which can help you to tell stories about your photographs.


Another benefit of the GPS camera phone is that you can upload the photos to online photo sharing websites. The GPS unit will automatically tag the photographs so that your visitors can see exactly where these photos were taken. This makes it very easy for other people to try and capture the same photo in the same location if they wanted.