Droid Camera: Pros and Cons of the Flash

The droid is one of the latest smart phones to enter the market. Like all modern cell phones, it comes with a built in camera that is capable of rivaling some point and shoot digitals, sort of. The droid's camera is 5 mega pixels and features 2 LED flashes.

Software and Hardware

The issues that people have with the phone are more software related than hardware. The droid is capable of taking great pictures outdoors, but when you're shooting inside, it has a tendency to have poor colors and poor focus. Images tend to be soft. Indoor images taken with the droid have a tendency to look like they were shot on a cell phone. While that may be true, it's not the effect you're going for with your high end smart phone. Part of the blame for the poor image quality lies in the flash.

The Pros

One of the great things about the flash is that it emits a pre-flash. When in dark situations that a flash is needed, the human eye opens up it's pupils to compensate for the lack of light. Now, the red eye you see happens when the light from the camera's flash enters the eyes and bounces out through the large pupils. The pre-flash's function is to emit a quick light before the main flash, so that the pupils quickly contract from the light and there's less area for red eye.

This flash features two LED lights, which make it very bright. This would be a great camera to have with you in a situation where the lighting is dark, like if you're in a night club or camping out in the woods.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the extremely bright flash is also one of the phones biggest problem. There's no way to control the output of the light, so if you're using the camera in a place that isn't totally dark, but not bright enough for proper exposure, your image will end up coming out overexposed because the light is so bright.

The light from the flash is very concentrated and don't really spread out. Unfortunately, this just compounds the overexposure problem. Overall, the flash on this camera needs to greatly improve.

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