Benefits of Optical Zoom in a Camera Phone

A zoom camera phone is a useful device which can be used to capture high quality photographs. Almost all cell phones have cameras built into them. However, few of these have zoom lenses. There are many benefits of installing and using optical zoom cell phone cameras. This makes it very simple to take high quality photos which can then be printed out.

Digital Zoom

Almost every cell phone made in recent years has a built in camera. Only a handful of these will have optical zoom. Most, however, will feature digital zoom. Digital zoom isn't a true zoom because this does nothing to the lens of the camera itself. The way that it zooms in is by enlarging the image on the screen and then cropping it to fit.

By using digital zoom, the quality of the image will be reduced. This is because the same number of pixels are stretched over a much bigger area. Because of this, it will create a much lower quality image than the sensor in your phone is capable of.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom on the other hand is where the lens itself moves. The lens moves to change the magnification of the picture which will allow the cell phone to take high quality photos (which are much closer to the subject).


The benefits of using a cell phone camera which has optical zoom is that you can get much closer to your target. There is no need to worry about lowering the quality of your image because the lens itself moves to adjust the magnification.