Android Photography Apps: Vignette

For Google Android phones, the Vignette app features allows users to create different effects with the photos that they take. The Vignette app allows users to manipulate photos and film by adding filters and other effects.

What is the Vignette Effect?

Vignette is an effect traditionally seen in photo editing software programs. Usually, this is used to allow the photo to fade into the background by rounding out or feathering the edges of the photo.

A dark vignette will make the edges of the photo dark while a soft or light vignette will make the edges of the photo light. This technique helps to focus the viewer's attention towards the center of the photo.

Vignette Effect in Android

Companies have been introducing a number of new apps for Android's photo manipulation arsenal. The Vignette package is just one of the latest in that line. Besides just the standard vignette effect, the Vignette app has 62 effects and 44 frames for users to manipulate.

In fact, here's a list of some of the effects that users can do:

  • Normal, which will slightly change the look of the photo.
  • Porta, which allows users to fix skin tones so that they look more natural or smoother.
  • Velvia, which adds bright and interesting colors to landscape or nature photographs.
  • Vintage, which gives the photo an antique or vintage look.
  • Cinematic, which gives the photo a Hollywood look and feel.
  • Ilford, which turns the photo into a black and white photo.

Vignette App Frames

The frames features allow users to manipulate the border of a photo so that it gives the photo a different effect. The Polaroid frame will make the photo seem as if it was taken by a Polaroid camera, which adds white edges and a black bottom. Users can also make their photos oval-shaped or rounded. Or, users can turn their photos into panoramic photos.

Other Vignette Features

The package also includes the ability to geotag photos. Geotagging uses GPS coordinates to indicate where the user was when the photo was taken. This means that a person no longer has to worry about remembering where they shot the picture.

The app also comes with a 10x digital zoom, which is a lot higher than the 2 to 4x digital zoom on most Android phones. The picture, however, may get very grainy as a user get closer to that 10x zoom maximum. They may do better keeping their pictures around 6x or 7x zoom.

Another feature is the ability to zoom into certain sections of the photo and crop them. This allows users to remove any unwanted exterior distractions and focus on the actual subjects of their photos.

The app also allows users to import previously taken photos and apply all of these effects to those photos.


Currently, the app is going for $4.49 in the United States, and it can be downloaded from nearly any store that sells apps for Google Android phones.