Android Photography Apps: Tickr

There are lots of different photography apps which can be installed on your Android mobile phone. One such tool is Tickr, which makes it easy to search for images on Flickr and then display them on your phone. This means that there's no need to worry about loading the images separately in the browser. Because of this, it's much simpler to search for any photos that you might want to see while you are out and about.

Tickr works very quickly and means that you don't need to zoom in to see each photo because they all stay the right size for the screen. They can also be scrolled through by sliding your finger along the screen.

What Is It?

Tickr is a very popular and reliable android photo application. This is used to pull photos from Flickr depending on a search term that you enter. This will pull a number of different photos into the application. You can then scroll through the different photos by sliding your finger down on the screen. This makes it very simple to view photos without needing to zoom to display each one separately.

Ease of Use

Tickr is a very easy application to use and it's a wonderful piece of software to play around with. The software uses the touch screen which makes it very easy to control. Rotating the phone changes the orientation of the picture which makes it very easy to see the photos as large as possible.

Simply use your phone's keypad to enter something that you want to search for. This will automatically search through the photos on Flickr and display them on your phones screen. If you want to move through different photos, then simply use your finger to flick through them. You will also be able to enlarge certain photos by pressing on the screen.


There are lots of different controls at the bottom of your phones screen. These phones make it easy to enlarge or search for different photographs. Nobody should have any problem mastering the controls to search through the different photographs.

Why Would You Want this Software?

This software might not be that useful, however, it is a great way to find different photographs which are stored on Flickr. It offers the ability of being able to see these results on your phone without needing to use a computer.


Tickr is a free application which can be downloaded directly from the Android Market Place. This is a useful application and because it's free, it's worth downloading onto your device. The application is nice and small and is around 300 KB in size which makes it easy to download and install on your phone.


This is a really useful application which is worth anyone downloading. This is very useful because it makes searching for various photos very easy. No matter what you want to search for, it should be possible to find it on Flickr.